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UPMC NEXT – Treating Chorioangioma

The doctors, scientists and researchers at UPMC are pushing the limits of healthcare and medicine. The NEXT platform allowed UPMC to showcase the technologies and procedures being pioneered within their labs.


When working on highly technical documentary videos, we face the interesting challenge of conducting interviews that translate complex information, while maintaining the integrity of the content. Dan Finegold, our director on this project walked this fine line resulting in a series of videos that connect with viewers in an emotional, technical and educational manner.

UPMC NEXT – Aqueductal Stenosis
UPMC NEXT – The Future of Transplantation
UPMC NEXT – Dr. Digioia: The Patient Centered Value System
UPMC NEXT – Innovations in Fertility Treatment

Project Summary

This ongoing series of content for UPMC is created to showcase their thought leadership in technology and healthcare. The NEXT content hub keeps our team constantly learning from and working with some of the most groundbreaking medical professionals in the country. These projects vary from full productions, video or photo only, and post-production only depending on the end use of assets as well as availability of pre-existing footage or images.